I try not to go off-topic here on my blog, but this is one occasion where I must.  My father’s cousin, my Uncle Terry, was recently injured in the line of duty.  Heart911 is raising money to build his family an accessible home.


Terry McGhee, a First Grade Detective and 22 year veteran of the NYPD

has never backed down from a challenge. Just as importantly, he has never allowed those unable to protect themselves to go without protection. Detective McGhee has built an excellent reputation among his peers in the NYPD and has always exercised his considerable investigative skills along with his athletic abilities to patrol the streets of New York City. While assigned to an Anti-Crime Unit, he was awarded the Medal of Valor. Terry’s work ethic and unique abilities made it possible for him to move up the ladder the old fashioned way, by working hard and caring about the people he served. Terry was soon assigned to a Robbery Identification Program and in 1996 was transferred to the Bronx Homicide Unit.

Terry’s service to the communities he worked in did not stop at the completion of his days work. Terry, wanting to protect young men at risk chose to spend his free time as a boxing coach for the NY Athletic Club. Terry imparted to his students the lessons he had learned from his time spent on the streets of New York City as well as the boxing techniques he learned while fighting in the New Jersey Golden Gloves and representing U.S.A. Boxing throughout the world.

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center Terry’s son was deployed to Afghanistan with the Army Ranger First Battalion. Terry did what came naturally for him; he fought through his own pain, sorrow and concern for his family and accepted an assignment with the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Detective McGhee could not allow the largest mass homicide in New York City history to go unpunished. Since September 25th of 2001, Detective McGhee has tracked terrorist cells throughout Europe and the Middle East, protecting the people of New York City by assisting Foreign Governments and International Agencies. It was during his latest overseas investigation that Terry sustained a life altering neck injury that has left his lower body paralyzed. After all these years of protecting strangers, nurturing his four children and being a father figure to his nieces and nephew, Terry the Detective, Marathoner, and Boxer is now facing his greatest challenge.

Despite months in the hospital, undergoing major surgeries and taking on an aggressive rehabilitation regimen, Terry, his wife Lori and their children continue to move forward with a new appreciation for life. Terry, in his typical way has taken a headstrong approach to his therapy. He fights daily to regain his strength and continues to improve. He remains in good spirits and has a good grasp of the work that lies ahead, not only for him, but for his family as well. Together they will move forward, one day at a time. Your help though is needed.

Please help H.E.A.R.T. 9/11 and friends build an accessible home for this deserving family.


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