Back to School!

My teacher bag is packed, my outfit is out on the railing, and my shoes have been picked out.  Before bed I will pack my lunch, double-check my bag, and print a few more items for tomorrow.  At 8:10am a new class of 6th graders will cross the threshold into my room, and I can not wait!

Good luck to everyone else starting this week!


4 Responses

  1. Good luck on your first day. We started school almost two weeks ago, and the year is going pretty well so far, but we still have to keep practicing some procedures so that the rest of the year will go smoothly. Since I am a new teacher to the school the students are testing me out a bit, but they are getting better every day.

  2. So you start today. Wow! ENJOY!!! You’re so prepared with so many amazing ideas that you know it’ll be a great year!

  3. Good luck!!!

  4. Best wishes!!! Hope today went well for you 🙂

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