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I have spent the last few days working on my classroom.  It isn’t done yet, but the next I can go back is during our in-service on Tuesday!  Thankfully, I just have a few bulletin boards to label and then I will be done!  I will be having my students organize the library (while reviewing genres), so that is a relief.  And most of the bulletin boards will be interactive or student-work centered.  It makes the set-up much easier for the first day of school!

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  1. It looks fantastic!! I do the same thing – have my kids help set up the library and bulletin boards basically just get backgrounds and titles until we get started. It sure makes a huge difference in how much time the room takes!

  2. It was fun to see your classroom. Does your school supply all the students’ supplies? Our parents pay $15.00 and we get their supplies for them. My students have lockers in my classrooms, so they have their supplies in a pencil bag (the supplies they use regularly) that they keep in their lockers, but I have other supplies in my storage closet that they share. It looked like your bins were very organized. It is always fun to see other teachers’ rooms and organization.

  3. I like all the bright colours you have chosen! I have had the class help me organize my library before, but it almost seems a bit too overwhelming for grade 3 kids. Maybe I am the one who is overwhelmed! I would love to see an outline of the lesson that goes with this!

  4. LisaC-
    I haven’t finished the lesson plan for the library organization, yet. I will be sure to post when I do!

    Mrs. V.-
    Our school does not supply the students with their supplies. We send home a grade-level list (don’t even get me started…..13 teachers and one list?!) and the kids bring in those supplies. I choose to supply certain things because a)I want them in my room and b)Staples has great sales in the summer!

  5. I loved being able to see your classroom set up. What a fun way to share! Thanks!

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