Colored Moleskines!

A few months ago (February?), I saw that Moleskine would be producing their softcover oilskin notebook with colorful covers. You could choose from 2 different shades of blue, green, and pink and I was thrilled. Moleskines are my notebook of choice for writing, and I am a sucker for a cool cover. In fact, I won’t write in notebooks without cool covers. Unfortunately, this was also true in college so I was forced to buy all kinds of pretty notebooks in order to encourage myself to take notes!

But back to Moleskines. The colored versions became available for preorder back in June and I immediately ordered the Moleskine Volant Notebook Ruled, Green Large: Set of 2. And a blue one.  In the smallest size.

I have been waiting patie……Heck, forget that. I am so impatiently waiting for them to be shipped! Apparently I have to wait until August 26th. But I check the order status EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I want my moleskines! I want to use one as my new writer’s notebook for the school year!

Patience, Sarah, Patience.*

*Hmm, that looks like a list of names from a Puritan family.

2 Responses

  1. Hi, I am so excited to find your blog. I was the one on real writing teachers that asked for good information on reading workshop. It looks like I have found it!
    I teach fifth grade in Long Beach and I will come to this blog often. Thanks so much!

  2. I saw all the beautiful moleskins this year’s BEA in Los Angeles. They are beautiful and I can’t wait until they hit the bookstore shelves.

    You might be interested in reading my book, REGINA’S CLOSET: FINDING MY GRANDMOTHER’S SECRET JOURNAL which depicts the long-term advantages of keeping a journal.

    Also, visit my new blog

    Happy writing!
    Diana Raab

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