Amazon Prime Free Trial

Just a note for all those teachers who are frantically ordering supplies, books, shoes, what-have-you from Amazon-

Amazon Prime Free 2-month Trial!

Amazon is currently offering free trials of their Amazon Prime service, which provides free 2-day shipping (no minimum purchase!) for a set yearly fee. However, the trial is completely free. When you sign up, just be sure to immediately sign into your options and uncheck the “bill automatically” button.

I love Amazon Prime because it lets me order one or two things without having to add up $25 worth of goods to earn free shipping. And there are just some things I can get on Amazon and can’t get here at home. It’s a great service, and even better when it is free! The downside is that I suddenly justify making lots of small purchases, a book here or resource there, and my bank account becomes very unhappy. 😦


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  1. For those of you with Prime memberships, here’s a good website for searching for Amazon Prime items:

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