Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

Laurie Halse Anderson has long been one of my favorite authors. I read “Speak” when I was in 6th grade, and I have been devouring her books ever since.

Twisted is the story of Tyler, the loser his entire life. He was always made fun of and always picked on- that kid in high school that isn’t the biggest nerd, but definitely not a jock. When he decided he wanted to prove how cool he could be, he designed what he thought was a safe but memorable prank. But when pulling off the prank led to him getting arrested, he never expected what would happen next. Who would have thought that all those hours of community service would make him look like the Incredible Hulk instead of an incredible dweeb? But people are noticing. Some of them are embracing his new personality, but it seems like others hate him even more then they did before. But isn’t that what happens in high school?

This book had me teary-eyed at the end and on the edge of my seat during the climax. Tyler is everykid- every kid who is picked on, miserable, treated like garbage, and still tries to do the right thing. He isn’t your stereotypical teen, and I loved that. He is sweet, moral, but also confused. And his father doesn’ t make his life any easier.

A fantastic novel, though I expect no less from Anderson.

4 Responses

  1. pretty awesome book

  2. um…not to be that guy that disagrees with everyone…but i think you’re wrong. you say how Tyler takes all the crap and still does the right thing, but he doesn’t. He smashes all his father’s possessions, tries to instigate many fights with a bully, leaves a girl who really likes him in the dumps without even talking to her, and even considers and starts to attempt committing suicide. sure, things kinda work out in the end, but still, he makes plenty of wrong choices along the way.

  3. oh, but i forgot to put something positive in there. i loved the book, one of my favorite books. only thing i disliked was the very end, just because i wanted something much more intense, and wanted more closure with Bethany, but i guess if i want closure and intensity, i should keep watching star wars. other than that, fantastic book.

  4. I also agree on the more closure with Bethany part. I was hopng they could atleast talking something out or be frands and go on with eachothers life. I was glad it wasn all ” they talked and fell in love and blahblah” all that bs. but over all its one of my favorite books. oh and I wish he woulda smashed Chip! haa

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