Turnabout By Margaret Peterson Haddix

Turnabout by Margaret Peterson Haddix is another book that has been sitting on my to-be-read pile for way too long. Haddix is one of my all-time favorite children’s authors, and Turnabout does not disappoint!

In the year 2000, Melly and Anny Beth were old and ready to die. Living in a nursing home, they were fragile and over 100 years old. But when they are offered the chance to be young again, thanks to a top-secret experiment called Project Turnabout, their lives are changed forever. They agree to be injected with PT-1, an injection that will reverse the aging process. They begin to grow younger and it seems like a miracle.

Now it is 2085. Both women are teenagers, faced with the fact that they are still unaging. What will happen once they are children? Toddlers? Babies? Who will take care of them? And what will happen to them on their last/first birthday?

Another phenomenal book from Haddix and one that I can’t wait to recommend to her fans in my class. The chapters in Turnabout alternate between 2000-2001 and 2085. The future is frighteningly realistic and believable, making the reader wonder what it will be like in a few decades. Melly and Anny Beth are likable characters without being boring, goody-two-shoes. A great book!

7 Responses

  1. I just read that book and it is amazing!
    Now I am looking for a picture of her

  2. this book is a great one for any age and i really enjoyed it

  3. I have to read this for my class. It is so boring. Its about getting younger by an experiment.

  4. i am 12, its an amaizing book, i realy like the auther, i have read most of her books, i do wonder tho…is there going to be a second book!!! i can’t find anything on the internet about a second book, but it seems like in the end, like there is going to be more in the story, even in on the back it says no one knows what will happen when they hit zero, and still no one does, sooo, wouldn’t she make a second book to answer her first one? i need to know will there be a second book or is there already reply me at bullmanly42@gmail.com


    • It’s weird, im 14 now…haha and I just searched my e-mail and found this…I don’t even remember typing it..bahha, how odd.

  5. thanks and please i need to know if theres a second book!

  6. i am 11 this is my class reading book. Well not really u can pick a book wrote by Margaret Peterson Haddix!! Then u hav to make a “recipe book ” with the setting and everything but so far it is one of the best books ever!!

    Rock on and keep dreaming,
    Fudge Muffin

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