Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita

Secrets of My Hollywood Life is a favorite of many of my students. The girls in my class have been passing it around for a few months and are always telling me that I need to read it. The 48 Hour Book Challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Kaitlin Burke is a huge star. She is one of Hollywood’s newest It girls and is living the life. The only problem is, she desperately wants to be normal. When she comes up with a plan to enroll in a local high school in disguise, it seems like she has finally found a way to have a normal life and a Hollywood life. If only everything could be that simple.

Full of backstabbing costars, the drama of high school, and a good dose of reality, Secrets of My Hollywood Life is perfect for fans of tween/teen chick lit.


4 Responses

  1. These are the best books I have ever read. I never like to read but when I started to read Secrets of my Holloywood Life I couldn’t stop reading. This book has been so inspiring to me. I have finished the second book also, and I plan to the start the third one before the summer is over. Jen Calonita has a true gift to Catch an average teens attention. Because she definatly caught mine. I just was wondering if you would ever have any interest in making the first, second, third, and when you are finshed the fourth book a movie!!!

  2. I know!! I would love for the books to become a movie! I have always sort of pictured myself as Kaitlin. The only thing is she has waist length hair and I have shoulder length hair and she is like 5’3′ or 5’4″ and I am 5’8′. I am only 14 years old so I am still growing. I take class at Millie Lewis Modeling and for one part of the class we had it film a fake commercial, and the man who takes care of all the commercial stuff said that I did really well. Then he asked me if I did any drama class or anything. I told him yes I do, at my school. He told me that I should stay with it. So if it is made into a movie I hope to try out for it. I know I probably will not get the part of Kaitlin, but I hope I can be an extra or something.

  3. These books are by far the best one i have read since twilight ! 🙂 i love Jen Calonita’s writing style , she leaves cliff hangers after every chapter so you’re begging to read more. The best part about these books are Kaitlin’s romance with Austin the highschool hottie, i never want there conversations to end i love these books so much i can’t get enough! Thank you Jen, you have inspired me to read every book anyone hands me !

  4. I love those books!! I also pictured myself as Kaitlin. I’m 5’4″ but i have brownish blondish hair and its shoulder length. But I am 16! I hope it becomes a movie!!

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