Breaking Dawn- Stephenie Meyer

Yesterday I rushed to Barnes and Noble, where I frantically searched for Eclipse Special Edition (The Twilight Saga) by Stephenie Meyer. Of course, I made sure that it wasn’t obvious I was frantically searching- how embarrassing would that be? 😉 After looking all over the Teen section, where I watched two teenage girls pace the aisles in search of the same book, I finally found one copy at the front of the store. I grabbed it and made my way to the back corner of the store in search of a chair. I had to settle for a footstool, but I got comfortable and flipped to the back of the book. There, on the last few pages I was swept into the world of Bella and Edward and I read the preface and first chapter of Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4).

I am so excited for the release of Breaking Dawn in August!  I know that Meyer’s novels are not the most well-written and certainly not great literature, but I just love them.  They sweep me into the world of Forks, with vampires and werewolves running amok.  Reading the first chapter of Breaking Dawn only fueled my excitement for the conclusion of the series.  Will Bella be changed?  What will happen to Jacob?  Will we see the Voltari again?  I also love the cover, which was released yesterday.  The chess pieces are intriguing.  Who is the queen?  Who is the pawn?