Percy Jackson and Greek Mythology

Right now, my two classes are completely obsessed with our read-aloud: The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1). I chose the first book in the Percy Jackson series as our final read aloud for the year because it is the perfect tie-in with my kids’ Greece unit in Social Studies.  I love the entire series, and was hoping my kids would enjoy the book (and get hooked on the series over the summer).  In no way was I prepared for complete and utter obsession that would result!

My students are BEGGING to have more read-aloud time everyday.  We stop and talk about the myths that Riordan alludes to and they are quickly becoming experts on Greek mythology.  It is a perfect example of using a read-aloud to teach the content areas.  My two classes have been reading the novel together and the other two classes on our team have not.  During the Greece unit, their social studies teacher has commented numerous times on my class’ enthusiasm and knowledge about the mythology, gods, and goddesses.  All of the knowledge has come from the conversations that spring from our read-aloud.  No direct instruction, just conversations!

The best part?  Many of my students purchased the first 3 books from Scholastic and told me that their plan for this summer is to read the next 3 books in the series.  That’s the best thing this reading teacher can hear.  🙂

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  1. my fifth and sixth graders also love this series. and it’s such an excellent tie to sixth grade curriculum. i kept my new mcelderly book of greek myths near while reading the latest–Battle of the Labyrinth. i had to review the whole Deadalus, Icharus, labyrinth stuff.

  2. That rocks!! Thanks for sharing. I wish teachers everywhere could do what you’re doing…

  3. Hi,
    I just came across your site this morning and am delighted. I read The Lightning Thief myself and am now reading it to my 10 year old (with promises not to read ahead on the next one by myself.) I work at a public library in Ontario, Canada and was mulling over the idea of a travelling bookclub – taking a book club into the schools next fall rather than having the kids come to the library. The Lightning Thief would be a wonderful choice for a book club. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I love that book hopefully i get to finish it by tomorrow.

  5. We definitely will!

  6. great books read all of them in one day so good cant wait until the 5th one

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