Today, after a morning of standardized testing, I took my students outside to create eco-art.  In the tradition of Andy Goldsworthy we created art from the natural materials readily available around our schoolyard.  My kids were so amazing in this project!

After spending a good amount of time wandering the schoolyard, the students broke into small groups.  For the first time all year, there was no whining or fighting over working together.  Students seemed to naturally gravitate towards working alone or with a small group of friends.  They gathered materials together, brainstormed ideas, and even claimed their area without an ounce of anger or annoyance.  They quickly got to work and produced some amazing art.

Tomorrow, I will print out their artwork and we will use the pieces to inspire poetry and prose.  The words they write will then be combined with the photos before becoming a book on Shutterfly.  Through the Voices…From the Land project, we will share our book with another school and will receive one from another school.  We are very excited!

7 Responses

  1. What a great use for dandelions!!

  2. This is such a neat project! I wish my school had done more like then when I was a kid.

  3. Cassinator from the 1st_yr_teachers community. can make 20 postcards for about $20- I think the pictures of the eco-art would make lovely postcards to send home. The pictures are so lovely. I love the idea of sharing them with a different school.

  4. Lovely Photos, and I agree with previous commentor, the photos would make lovely post cards.

  5. […] in Texas.  I so wish I could go.  For more information, check out the website.  You can also see my students’ Voices project on the blog a few years ago, along with the book we […]

  6. I love what you did with those children. Have you shown them the movie ‘Rivers and Tides’? I have discovered that kids really ‘get’ Andy Goldsworthy, and his work is a wonderful entry point for environmental sciences that can be ‘felt’.
    The ecoliteracy website at Berkeley is also full of excellent resources for children.

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