A Reader’s Life

Today we went to Ikea. Ever since we moved into the condo, my boyfriend and I have needed bookshelves. To be truthful- I have needed bookshelves. I am the reader in our house! Finally, we made it up to Ikea for their $19.99 Flarke bookcases (about the only ones I can afford in bulk). Approximately 6 ft. tall, with 5 shelves, we bought four of them. One is for the living room downstairs, where I plan to keep all the books I haven’t read yet, but plan to very soon. In other words, I now have an entire bookcase devoted to my “to be read pile”. I think that’s a sad thing. 🙂

Three of the bookcases will go upstairs in the office. There is already one bookcase in there, but it is filled to overflowing. The new ones will allow us to shelve all our college textbooks, reference books, and professional resources. I am so excited to finally have somewhere to store all my books, other than piles on the floor!

The best part of our trip to Ikea was our purchase from the As-Is department. Everything in this small room is already put together and is sold at a discount. Granted, much of it is damaged, but a few of the items are always display/floor models that they are ready to move out of the store. We were really lucky and found a gorgeous white bookcase to match the few pieces of furniture on the master bedroom. The best part is, it was quite cheap! Now, we had to somehow squeeze it into the car, and that was quite and adventure, but we did it. The bookcase is now set up in the bedroom and is holding all of my hardcover series books- Twilight series, UK Adult editions of Harry Pottere, and A Series of Unfortunate Events, Books 1-13. There are still some shelves to be filled in, but it looks wonderful. And I am finally starting to make this look like a home. A home filled with books. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. I am jealous!

    Do yourself a favour and get rid of those college textbooks ASAP. I have moved mine 3 times since graduation and my husband has moved his 8! And…we never read them, use them or do anything but complain about them and decide to keep them anyway. They are definitely not making the next move with us. Probably.

  2. A whole bookshelf for your to-reads sounds just right to me! (maybe because I pretty much have one already!!!)

  3. Congratulations on your shelves! I’m still trying to figure out my storage/display situation in my new apartment. My mom helped me come up with a great idea for rearranging my furniture, which will give me more room, but I still have more books to unpack. I’ve got one built-in shelf that needs sorting. It’s foolishly deep (about 2 feet deep!), so it’s hard to think of what to do with it.

    A home filled with books is just the right kind!

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