My Sixth of Eight Poems

Thank goodness Stacey put up a poetry prompt today, because I desperately needed the inspiration! I enjoyed the “I Remember” poem, and ended up writing about the journals we were required to keep in eighth grade. We wrote everyday for ten minutes, and my teacher allowed us to pass our books around during that time. Essentially, we wrote long notes to each other, like notebook IMing, and responded to each other. Sometimes I wrote in 4 notebooks per period! Today, I love to look back through those notes to see the girls we were. 🙂

I remember sitting in a classroom, surrounded by my fellow eighth graders

I remember taking out my journal

I remember being allowed to pass the journal to my friends

and having constant notes going back and forth in them

I remember planning for the eighth grade dance

I remember when my best friend told me she was moving to Texas

I remember being heartbroken and angru

even though we would have gone to separate high schools anyway

I remember planning her goodbye party in our English journals

I remember filling that notebook with the hopes and dreams of 5 eighth grade girls

I love looking back through that notebook

Twelve years later.

5 Responses

  1. Very, very cute. Glad that the prompt helped!

  2. Your poem is great … and so was your teacher’s idea of letting you all write in each other’s notebooks! Your memories brought me right back to my own 8th grade life (much longer than 12 years ago!).

  3. I love that the notebook is a source of memory.

  4. A few Saturday’s ago on CBC a woman was reading from her grade 8 journal. I forget why! 🙂 But it was so funny and brought up so many of my own memories. Journal writing (personal writing!) is such a good habit to pass on to our students. Thanks for hte poem.

  5. wish i’d done something like this. i would have had a treasure with me now

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