My Fifth of Eight Poems

I wrote the draft of this poem in school today, while my students were drafting their latest poems. I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the work they have been doing during this unit of study! They are digging deep and the poems they are producing are wonderful! Today we tried a six-room image poem, from Georgia Heard. We used an image graphic organizer and it seemed to help some of my more reluctant poets- the backbone of a graphic organizer really eased some of their stress. They produced some beautiful poems!

The image poem focuses on one place, and lets the poet truly describe it for the reader. I chose the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, in Mexico. Standing atop that ancient structure was both humbling and awe-inspiring. It made it easier to write about.

I wrote the first draft of this poem in class and read it to my students. I admitted to them that I am very uncomfortable sharing my own poetry, and that I do not have a lot of confidence in my ability to write poetry. After I read, they heaped on the praise…..I blame this on the high amounts of praise I shower on them after they share. Hey, it’s rubbing off!

3 Responses

  1. What an interesting way to write poetry! I love this.

  2. I really like this. Is the photo from Teotihuacan? I like the idea for this poem and love the execution. You took it much farther and deeper than I imagined from your process note. Nice!

  3. I think sharing with students is crucial. They need to see that the act of writing takes time and is a process, and if all they see is the finished product, they might wonder if they have it in them.
    I try to share all the time, and talk through the things that work and the things that don’t work in my writing.


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