My Third of Eight Poems

I swear, this poem is the story of my life. I am constantly making copies, coming back to my room, putting them down, and promptly forgetting where they are. I end up slowly getting my kids started while I walk around the room, hiding my panic, but eyes darting everywhere looking for that ever-elusive pile! I usually end up finding it, but I know the kids see right through my act. 🙂

Spelling Test/Lost Copies

While I hand out the lined paper, please number your papers 1-22

for our spelling test.

Where are the spelling lists? I know they are around here somewhere

Remember to write neatly. You should include your heading.

We will start in one minute.

I have no idea where the lists are! I know i copied them. I came back in here afterwards.

Where could they be? Did I put them on the shelf?

Yes, we are starting in one minute. I am just giving everyone a second to number their paper fully.

I know I always start right away, John. Today I am waiting.

WHERE ARE THEY? I can’t just make up spelling words. And the kids clearly know I am stalling.

That I am bluffing. Where could they…….

There they are! Phew!

Number one is monstrous….

Thank goodness.

I will definitely pay more attention the next time I put down copies.

Number 2, disastrous.

5 Responses

  1. I have so done that like 9 million times. They know I am stalling too! I can’t hide it. I have tried so many systems but nothing works. Now I say: Whoever can figure out where I put the photocopies gets a lollipop. And I have stopped making copies because I just lose them until June 27th when I have to clean my desk. Great poem!

  2. Copies… keys… reading glasses. (The latter two are my items I often cannot find.) Glad to see I’m not the only one!

  3. This is great! And I’m always and always doing that with my papers. So maddening!

  4. I am constantly losing the clipboard which is a vital part of our school behavior management system. Now, I just ask the kids. They usually know!

    Another topic that I can completely understand!

  5. Whew! I thought I was the only one!

    My new one is to put something on the copier and go do something else — multi-tasking in our precious free moments — and then I forget all about the copier and have to send a kid to the office to see if the secretaries can find my left-behinds!

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