My First of Eight Poems

Over at Two Writing Teachers, they are hosting a one week poetry challenge. As I don’t have nearly enough poetry of my own to use in mini-lessons, I decided to participate. Also, I feel very unsure when it comes to my own poetry and I feel that if I am making all my students participate in our lessons in class, then I must participate, too!

I tried writing all day. Nothing was coming. So I ended up working with what I had….frustration!

Sometimes I hate to write.

There’s nothing in my head.

Nothing is important. Or important enough.

I can’t even think.


I look for the prompt.

Still nothing.

It frustrates me, makes me angry.

I walk away and say later.



3 Responses

  1. Yes, the frustration is so clear … but how great that you took it and worked with it. Nice!

  2. I’ve had those days, all to often.
    Just walk away, yes, but write it out first!
    I hope today provides some inspiration for you.

  3. Sometimes, when my students say that they have nothing to write about, I encourage them to write about the fact that they have nothing to write about. Usually, they come up with a topic after a short time of but sometimes, like you, they end up with a good product from an unlikely topic. 🙂


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