Slice of Life Challenge #17


March Madness is one of my favorite times of year.  I spend hours planning my bracket, trying to predict the upsets and the must-wins.  This year, I am very lucky to be on spring break during the first round which allowed me to watch almost all the games on Thursday and Friday.  I sat on the couch, bracket open in one window on my Macbook and the always-updating Yahoo scoreboard in another window.  The current game on CBS was on my HDTV, making me feel like I was in the arena.

Every game is exciting during March Madness.  Seeds, records, and previous losses mean nothing- it’s luck, determination, and blind faith that lead Cinderella teams to the elusive second and third round.  I may not know the players from a school like Drake or Sienna, but their hustle and will to win have me cheering for me like they are my own alma mater.

I am easily pulled into cheering for the underdog, whether it busts my bracket or not.  I love seeing that tiny school, the one no one has ever heard of before, taking down a school like Duke or UConn.  It’s the magic of the madness and it keeps me on the edge of my seat for hours at a time!


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  1. Great post! Stacey also posted about making her bracket, and you’ve both reminded me of my sister. She is the ultimate sports fan, but the NCAA tournament is her favorite event of the year. She’s the one who got me interested. I share your feelings about the excitement of March Madness. Hope your team comes out in the Final Four!

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