Children’s lit on TV?

I am watching “The Return of Jezebel James” because it is the only show on TV right now.  Imagine my surprise when I realize that the main character is a children’s book editor!  I think I caught Harper-Teen at one point, so she seems to work for Harper.

And hey, it’s not a bad show, either!  I’ve been laughing a little.  And there are some nods to children’s lit!!!

2 Responses

  1. Watching it as well, its either that or Price is Right. I think you’re right about Harper though because when the sister was at work Charlotte’s Web and Narina where both faced out behind her. I think its okay. Though I wouldn’t get to attach because it has a serious laugh track and shows with obvious laugh tracks never last, but the writers strike just ended it will have a chance to get better.

  2. Jezebel James Fan Reactions: Part 1

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