Slice of Life Challenge #10


no toner in the copier

paper jam

no staples

copy-less for another day

missing homework

library books misplaced

“i know i did the homework….can’t i just get credit?”

head meet wall

read-aloud, relax, enjoy


“this is the best part of our day!”

pride. satisfaction. smiles.

*i rarely write poetry.  be kind. 🙂

3 Responses

  1. Love the “head meet wall” line. I think I did that once today!

  2. Oh, my head met the wall more times that I’d care to count yesterday! This is a nicer way to deal with the frustration than hitting that wall one more time!

  3. I think my head went through the wall yesterday–then I took the time to just relax and I feel so much better.
    Take care

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