Slice of Life Challenge #8


Pitas, leftover lemon-pepper chicken, mayo, lettuce….everything I need?  As I surveyed the counter, I mentally calculated what I would need for lunch and a snack that day at school.  Lunch would have to last me through til dinner, as I had OM until 6pm.  And I would definitely want a snack at OM.

Opening my wonderful, brand-new Fit & Fresh, I began packing my lunch.  Lemon-pepper chicken pita sandwich went in first, followed by the ice-pack.  Now, what to have for a snack?

Back over at the refrigerator, I reviewed my options.

I should probably have something healthy.  But there are cookies.  And I do need two snacks….but two sets of cookies would be delicious.  But I should have something substantial at OM….

As I argued back and forth with myself, I decided to compromise.  I reached into the crisper and pulled out the new bag of crispy, orange baby carrots.  I glanced at the side door and saw a small package of ranch dressing.  Perfect!  So the healthy aspect of the snack was taken care of.

I smiled as I pulled out my cookies, the delicious Surprise cookies I made over the weekend.  I decided three would be the perfect number.  As I placed them into the container, I was dismayed to figure out that only two cookies fit into the container!

As I came to terms with this, I looked over my lunch.  Would it be enough to sustain me through the day?

I am going to be starving when I get home….I better throw something into the crockpot.

4 Responses

  1. OK
    So I would probably remove some of the carrots to make more room for the cookies.
    But that is just me.


  2. A very fun read. I totally understand the healthy eating dilemna and wanting those three cookies to be there for you when you need them. I’m assuming you left that third cookie to greet you when you walked in the door tonight.
    ~jane S

  3. I used to eat so many carrots that my hands began to turn orange.

  4. I’d definitely have to set aside the carrots — I’m allergic to them! — and make room for the cookies … and maybe some jicama or a nice asian pear!

    Great slice!

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