New books!

Today my large order from Scholastic came. My newest professional book has me very excited: Day-to-Day Assessment in the Reading Workshop: Making Informed Instructional Decisions in Grades 3-6 by the Kidlitosphere’s very own Franki over at A Year of Reading!!! After reading Franki and Mary Lee’s blog for over a year now, I feel like I know Franki, so it is very exciting to have her reading workshop book in my hands. Granted, I know I won’t be able to read it until spring break starts but I am very much looking forward to it.

I also got first dibs on my school’s copies of Book Links and School Library Journal today so I am all set for reading this week. Along with the fact that I am reading a few books at once. Right now I am reading: Meg Cabot’s Airhead (ARC), Leepike Ridge, and Wait for Me. I am also listening to my first audiobook. ( I am a visual learner, so this is new for me. I wanted to start with something easy….) The Ivy Chronicles is wonderful! Definitely chick lit.

Slice of Life Challenge #8


Pitas, leftover lemon-pepper chicken, mayo, lettuce….everything I need?  As I surveyed the counter, I mentally calculated what I would need for lunch and a snack that day at school.  Lunch would have to last me through til dinner, as I had OM until 6pm.  And I would definitely want a snack at OM.

Opening my wonderful, brand-new Fit & Fresh, I began packing my lunch.  Lemon-pepper chicken pita sandwich went in first, followed by the ice-pack.  Now, what to have for a snack?

Back over at the refrigerator, I reviewed my options.

I should probably have something healthy.  But there are cookies.  And I do need two snacks….but two sets of cookies would be delicious.  But I should have something substantial at OM….

As I argued back and forth with myself, I decided to compromise.  I reached into the crisper and pulled out the new bag of crispy, orange baby carrots.  I glanced at the side door and saw a small package of ranch dressing.  Perfect!  So the healthy aspect of the snack was taken care of.

I smiled as I pulled out my cookies, the delicious Surprise cookies I made over the weekend.  I decided three would be the perfect number.  As I placed them into the container, I was dismayed to figure out that only two cookies fit into the container!

As I came to terms with this, I looked over my lunch.  Would it be enough to sustain me through the day?

I am going to be starving when I get home….I better throw something into the crockpot.