Slice of Life Challenge #8


Tonight I decided I wanted to make cookies.  I looked around online, hoping something would catch my interest.  And hoping I would have all the ingredients for whatever did catch my eye.

After a few minutes following links, I found these .  Chocolate and marshmallows?  Sign me up!   The recipe looked simple enough and I had all the ingredients in my pantry.  Perfect!

I began by creaming the butter and sugar in my gorgeous, silver Kitchenaid mixer (which I absolutely adore).  After beating the mixture for a minute, I realized I had no idea what creaming was.  A quick search online helped me out, but my mixture never quite got to the “airy and fluffy stage”.  Figuring it was no big deal I just continued with the recipe, whisking the cocoa powder, flour, and salt.  After creaming the butter and sugar I added in the cocoa powder mixture, which immediately sent up a cloud of chocolate dust into the air, causing me to sneeze and cough.  It was like a sudden chocolate allergy had overtaken me-  the horror!

Beating the mixture with the eggs and milk, I threw in a dash of vanilla and turned off the Kitchenaid.  As I began to form the cookies and place them on the cookie sheet, I realized that the batter was extremely sticky.  Half of the cookies-to-be ended up stuck to my fingers!

Ten to twelve minutes after being placed in the oven, I quickly pulled out the cookies and pressed half of a marshmallow in the middle of each cookie.  Uh-oh.  The marshmallows were as big as the entire cookie!  Hoping for the best, I placed the baking sheet back into the oven for two minutes.  In those two minutes I frantically whipped up the frosting that would be drizzled over the cookies.  I just made it as the timer on the oven beeped.  I rushed to the oven, pulled out the cookies, pressed the marshmallows down, and began drizzling the chocolate frosting over the marshmallow surprise.  Once I was finished, I moved the cookies from the baking sheet to the wire rack to cool.  I quickly put the next batch in the oven, repeating the steps over again.

As I collapsed into the nearest kitchen chair, letting the next batch bake, I surveyed the kitchen.  Cocoa powder residue coated my mixer.  There was flour on the floor.  Sugar granules crunched under my feet.  It looked like a baking explosion.  I glanced at the recipe on the computer screen and realized I had frosted the cookies too soon- I should have waited until the cooled.  Then the oven beeped again.  This was exhausting!

Thirty minutes later, all the cookies were done.  And I was exhausted.  How does Martha Stewart do it?!