Slice of Life Challenge #4


“Can I do Miley Cyrus for my Women’s History Month project?!”

“Well, as much as I know we all admire Miley, let’s see if we can find someone else to focus on for this particular project. I want you to research someone you don’t already know everything about”. There, that should be a kind enough way of saying what I am really thinking……heck no! Miley Cyrus is not a hero! Nor is she someone who we should be honoring this month! There are literally thousands of women who spent their lives fighting for various causes and Miley is NOT one of them.

Disappointed sighs. Hands slowly down to their desk. Then I see their eyes light up, hands shooting into the air like dogs off a leash.

A sigh, this time from me.

“Before you even ask, no. You can not do Hannah Montana either.”

Hands down. Disappointed sighs.

It’s a good thing we are doing this project. Some of my students could stand to learn a little about women’s history.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please turn the page and let’s look at the research requirements before we choose our famous woman…..”