Slice of Life Challenge #3


The weekend always ends too soon.  As the alarm blared this morning, I stumbled out of bed, following the familiar path around the bed and out the door.  Eyes half-closed I maneuvered around the cat and the piles of folded laundry, like a skier making her way down the slalom.  I followed the path into the hall before making it into the bathroom, where I felt around for the light switch.  While my eyes adjusted to the harsh glare of the bathroom lights I turned on the hot water.

As the bathroom filled with steam, I laid out my mornig tools.  Contact lenses, contact drops, hairbrush, hair dryer, hair tie, necklace, skin moisturizer, and lotion.  I quickly showered, wondering how it could possibly be Monday already.

I threw on the outfit I picked out the night before I ran through the day’s schedule in my head.  Spanish for my morning class and a normal afternoon for my second class.  Contract work after school.  Oh, and I had to remember to pack a lunch.  And I had to figure out how to introduce the Slice of Life Challenge to my class.  Busy, busy. busy.  But at least it was going to be warm- 56 degrees for the high!

Slipping into the silky skirt and short-sleeve top I had laid out, I sighed with the satisfaction that if nothing else, at least I could finally wear my spring clothes!

4 Responses

  1. I’m jealous– I wish i could wear my spring clothes. I feel like I might have to pull out the big winter coat again!

  2. […] of Life Challenge #3 Posted in March 3rd, 2008 by in kitten abandoned thereadingzone had a pretty good blog post. Definitely worth your time. Here is a small excerpt:Eyes half-closed I […]

  3. I, too, was glad for the high in the 50s today! I wore a favorite bright pink cotton top that always gets me lots of compliments (‘such a great color against your skin!’ ‘wow, that looks so good on you!’ … what’s not to love?). Went out for a walk at lunch time and relished the clear blue day!

  4. It’s supposed to be just as beautiful tomorrow! I am very happy about that. 🙂

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