Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Do you use Laurie Halse Anderson’s Speak in the classroom? If so, a teacher in Michigan needs your help! According to Halse Anderson, “This teacher could use some professional support. If you teach SPEAK, can you please leave a note in the comments section for her? Tell her why you use the book. Tell her about your classroom experiences and your professional opinion about the place of the book in the curriculum. Or just give her a pat on the back. If you are a teen, tell her what the book meant to you. “

Head on over to Laurie Halse Anderson’s blog to share your stories and inspiration with this teacher. Speak is an incredibly powerful book and deserves its place in our literary canon. Don’t let it be censored!


3 Responses

  1. The book was just unbelievable. It’s definitely a book once you start reading, you cant put down. It also goes to show you some wonderful life lessons, its not something people make up to right good books about, this stuff happens all the time. It brings you face to face with reality.

  2. I have been teaching Speak in my 11th grade classroom in upstate NY for the past 4 years. I have never had a parent or student complain about any of the content. It has actually never even crossed my mind to send home a “permission to read” letter to parents. Only a complete ignoramous would deem this exceptional novel pornographic. I have had at least 4 students (including 1 this year) who have come to me for help because they have been or are currently being sexually abused. Keep in mind that my school graduates about 55 students each year. These girls are getting the help they need because they decided to speak up like Melinda in the novel.

  3. i love this book!
    it is really helpful for people who have problems with friends and other social problems =)

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