Poetry Friday

Solstice Revisited- J. Barrie Shephard

They used to claim the sun stood still
for a day, this time of year, then turned around
and headed back to greener, warmer climes.
But now, knowing–alas–so much more,
we realize that nothing stands still, ever.
And that those who try are doomed, nevertheless,
just like the rest of us, to whirling on
and on until we join again this spinning dust
the stars are made from, in its voyage round
the swirling curves of spiraled space and time.

I held my second Poetry Friday in my class this week. We had poems ranging from Shel Silverstein to Robert Frost. The kids begged to have our “Poetry Museum”, where the walk around the room reading each other’s poems. It’s wonderful watching these 6th graders wander the room, taking in all kinds of poetry and new poets. We then share our favorite poems and discuss everyone’s choices for that month. It’s a wonderful day!