Technology in the Classroom

While looking at all the new products displayed at the NJEA Convention, I decided I really want a document camera (or an ELMO). My overhead projector works well enough, but it drives me crazy that I have to copy anything I want to display onto a transparency and then use it. A document camera would allow me to display everything from our read-alouds to my own writing notebook and work from there. It would be in color and could even use the same screen as my smartboard for the display! Of course, document cameras are not cheap. I know I can not afford to buy one on my own, so that means I have to convince the district that we need one or find a grant. I know I can go through DonorsChoose, but I am wondering if there are any grants out there in cyberspace that are for ELMOs/document cameras in particular. I am googling for every combination I can think of, but no luck yet!

Does anyone out there in the blogosphere use a document camera in their classroom? Specifically, in a language arts classroom? I would love to hear about your experiences and even recommendations!!

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  1. We use the document camera all of the time in my classroom! My students use it as an opportunity to share their work with the class (which is nice because they can actually see it up close). I use it to show examples when I am having them create a foldable or label things (the rare things that can be picky). We use it to show artifacts, things the students bring in, and even to get a close up look at maps or figures from the SS text or practice tests. I also teach with a colleague that used it when she was doing a reading aloud with a novel… she had one copy that she read from and another that she put under the document camera so that the students could follow along. This helped with her students that were more visual learners than auditory learners. I think I would be lost without my doc cam. You should also look into InterWrite pads if you haven’t already.

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