Missing by Catherine Macphail

I picked this book up as a quick read, appropriate for Halloween. I finished it in about an hour, with a lot of distractions. It definitely fits the bill as a quick read and I think my students will enjoy it.

Maxie is angry- very angry. Her older brother, Derek, disappeared on his way to school 2 years earlier. Now, her parents are struggling to deal with his absence and overlook Maxie in the process. When the family finally receives the dreaded call, telling them Derek’s body has been found, she thinks they will finally be able to move on and be a normal family again. However, her mother only falls deeper into depression and her father continues to snap at her. When Maxie begins receiving mysterious phone calls telling her that Derek is still alive, she doesn’t know how to react.

I am not normally a fan of mysteries, but I did enjoy this book. I think because I am always fascinated by the news stories about missing children I wanted to find out how this novel ended. I had never read any of Macphail’s books before this, but I would be interested in reading some more from her!

4 Responses

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  2. I thought that this book was really good.

    im not a very fast reader and i read this really fast

  3. i loved the book. i read it for a book report. but cant figure out what the setting was. like where is was like what town and when.

  4. I used this book for a reading log and it worked great. Maxine remindsme so much of… ME. Now I have to find the setting…

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