Harry Potter DH Review

I finished reading Harry Potter over the weekend. We read it aloud, which is certainly good practice for the upcoming school year! My poor, poor throat was not happy to be reading aloud for over 20 hours.

I loved the book. I thought JK Rowling did a phenomenal job wrapping up the series and bringing conclusion to a lot of plot arcs (over all 7 books!). I was thrilled to see characters from previous books brought back into the fold. I loved how much Harry grew up and matured over the 7 years we have known him. I even enjoyed the relationships that bloomed, though I wouldn’t recommend Rowling focuses on writing romantic novels anytime soon.


My only issue with the book was Snape. I was convinced throughout the entire seies that Snape was good. I just knew that he was “on our side”. I learned a pretty good lesson from DH, thanks to JK Rowling. To paraphrase someone pretty awesome, the world isn’t divided into good people and Death Eaters. After reading DH, I realized Snape was not a good person. He was a person who sometimes did good things. However, he just as often did bad things. While he loved Lily, he was outright cruel to Harry except in the most dire of circumstances (or under the watchful eyes of Dumbledore). This does not make him a perfect person.

I did, however, appreciate Harry’s response to his own son at the end, in the epilogue; he didn’t say that Snape was a great man or a good man. He said he was a brave man. He doesn’t have to be a perfect person to be brave. And in double-crossing Voldemort, he risked his life. This raised my opinion of his bravery, not of his personal character, however. All of this also made Snape a more realistic and 3D character. He wasn’t a flat, perfect character but someone with problems and issues. I love it!!

2 Responses

  1. Yes Snape was a 3D character as you say…But I would say he was human and a brave one…He is just like us..some bad..some good…right?

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