Harry Potter OoTP Movie

WARNING! Spoilers ahead!

Last Wednesday, I rushed out of work to see the latest installment of the Harry Potter films. I am a huge fan of the books (and have been since high school….which gives you some sense of my age). The movies have always been ok for me. I usually saw them when they came out but the books were always my favorite.

For this movie, I didn’t re-read the novel beforehand. I’m too busy trying to re-read HBP so there was no time to squeeze in OoTP! I think that was a huge help when I was watching this movie. Instead of sitting in the theater, noticing what was left out, I enjoyed the film for what it is.

Let me say this loud and clear- I loved this movie! I thought the directing and staging of the shots were fantastic. The transitions using the Daily Prophet covers were a brilliant idea and really showed the political mood of the wizarding world without spending too much time on it. I also thought that the kids have really learned a lot about acting over the last few years. Daniel Radcliffe did a really nice job, especially in the Occlumency scenes and the final battle. I rarely enjoy a film’s portrayal of specific scenes more than the original books, but that does not hold true for the final battle, in the scene where Voldemort enters Harry’s mind. It was a million times better than I had ever pictured in my own mind!

The only thing I noticed missing while I was watching the film was that when the twin left Hogwarts in their blaze of glory, we didn’t get my favorite line. “Give her hell, Peeves!” That scene wasn’t built up as much in the film as it was in the novel, so I wasn’t cheering as loudly, but the rest of the audience certainly was!

Until I got home, I didn’t even realize Mundungus was not in the movie. Very interesting. I also forgot that Cho is not the one who betrats the DA. However, the choice to use her in the film worked in tha narrative that they were building. (Oh, and I was really uncomfortable in the Cho/Harry kissing scene. It went on way too long!) I also did not realize how little Kreacher was in the movie. However, I am, glad they left him in.

As far as casting choices, Evanna Lynch is my picture of Luna Lovegood. Her voice, her mannerisms, her ethereal quality were exactly the same as the Luna in my own head while reading the book. And Imelda Staunton was impeccable as Umbridge. As a teacher, I got a few chuckles (all by my lonesome!) out her need to teach to the test. A great testament to education in our world, too!

I have to say, I think this is my favorite of the Potter films. It certainly made me even more excited for this weekend!!! Only a few more days until we have all the answers! I plan to pick up the book at midnight and start reading ASAP, not stopping until I have reached the end. Of course, I have to attend a bridal shower on Sunday. Who has the nerve to plan anything on Harry Potter weekend????? Oh well, just more incentive to finish the book!!!!!!!1

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