First Daughter*Extreme American Makeover by Mitale Perkins

I read this quick read over the holiday weekend. Now, I am a political junkie so I was a little prejudiced when I picked this book up. I have also been reading Sparrow’s Blog after stumbling on it a few weeks ago. Definitely check it out if you get a chance- great info on the possible first kids on there!

So, what if your dad was running for President of the United States of America? And what if you were not the typical blue-eyed, blonde-haired, all-American girl next door? How would your life change? Sparrow/Sammy/Sameera attempts to explain to her dad’s constituents just that! The campaign wants to change her into a giggly, silly girl. Some of her dad’s handlers believe they have a better idea of the typical US teen than an actual teen does. Sparrow sets out to prove them wrong while hopefully not disrupting the life she has planned for the summer.

First, the few negative things I picked up while reading the book. I felt like some parts of the book went by too quickly, with very little explanation. I can’t think of any specific examples right now, but two or three times I would go “huh? how did we get here?”. I doubt many younger readers would feel the same way, but it threw me off a few times. Also, I wanted more blog entries! I guess will have to appease me for now.

Now, on to the positives! I absolutely love the voice that the book is written in. It feels like you really are reading the thoughts and blog of a teen girl. And not one of those giggling, hair-flipping, ditzy ones so often portrayed in the media. Sparrow is a thoughtful, intelligent, and compassionate young girl. She is realistic and that’s why I loved her. She also struggles with issues all teens struggle with. Her parents are over-protective (ok, her dad is running for President, so they have a good reason), she isn’t sure what she believes when it comes to religion, and she doesn’t know who to include as friends on her private blog. All of these issues come together to make Sparrow a well-rounded and realistic character. Her voice and tone also sounds like just a kid. Not like an adult writing as a kid. (No Wilder here! 😉 ).

I really enjoyed this book. I was sad that it ended before Sparrow moved into the White House. However, I am excited to see that a sequel will be released. I am already looking forward to it!


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