Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trailer

The trailer is finally here!  I laughed at the trailer and think the movie will be  a big hit.

Poetry Friday

My new favorite poem is from Ellen Hopkins, written for Banned Book Week.

Manifesto by Ellen Hopkins

You say you’re afraid for children,

innocents ripe for corruption

by perversion or sorcery on the page.

But sticks and stones do break

bones, and ignorance is no armor.

You do not speak for me,

and will not deny my kids magic

in favor of miracles.

Read the rest here.

Back to the Grind….

To everyone who is going back to school tomorrow, good luck!  Have a great day.  Hopefully, the extended vacation means it will take a few days longer for the exhaustion to set in.  ;)

Re-entering the Blogosphere

Phew!  I took off a few days to get my head together, celebrate the holidays, and just relax.  I’ve been reading and writing, and you can expect reviews and posts starting tonight!  It felt good to step away from the blog for a bit and just read for fun.  I’ve spent the last few months frantically reading for the Cybils middle grade panel, and I love it, but that meant pushing lots of other books to the side.  This winter vacation has been a welcome respite from school and reading responsibilities.  And now that our panel has come up with our shortlist, I can read any book I want- guilt free!

Happy Holidays!

Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

Announcing the Second Annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week

September 14-18, 2009


I wanted to let you know about the announcement of this year’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week!  Somehow, I missed out on the celebration last year, but I promised myself I wouldn’t make that mistake again.

This year, the celebration will be held September 14th through the 18th. If you are a book blogger and want to register, you can do that on the website below:


Tomorrow they will be starting nominations for this year’s book blogger awards. 

Are you a book blogger?  Be sure to register by filling out the registration form! Registering ensures your inclusion in the BBAW 09 Database of Book Bloggers and enters you into the drawing for the BBAW 09 Grand Prize!

Dublin Is Here!

Today was a very exciting and stress-filled day.  My fiance’ and I drove down to Delaware, where we met the breeder and picked up our new puppy- Dublin!



He is currently over-tired.  He’s in the crate, crying for his mother and sister.  It’s so sad!

Wrapping Up the Year

It’s that crazy time of year, when I am wrapping up the 4th marking period, finishing up 7th grade placement recommendations, and this year packing my room ( I move to a new classroom in the fall). Oh, and continue teaching my room full of 6th graders, despite the boxes lining the perimeter of my room. Needless to say, it’s a little crazy!


But in two weeks, school will be over and this little guy will be coming to live with my fiance and me.  :)  Meet Dublin!

Chelsea's last litter 002

Catching Fire

I think I am dragging out my experience with Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games). I don’t want it to end! It’s fantastic and awesome and I am afraid that when I finish it, I will be stuck until the third book comes out!

The book is AMAZING.

Here, I Promise!

I’m still here…it’s been a hectic weekend, to say the least.  My grandmother ended up in the hospital and will be getting a hip replacement (hopefully) sometime tomorrow.  Needless to say, I’m a nervous wreck.  I know she’s stronger than me and will be beyond thrilled to finally be able to walk and get around without pain, but it doesn’t stop me form worrying.  I’ll have my cell phone out on my desk all day tomorrow.  

After visiting with my grandmother at the hospital this morning, I drove home to meet up with Chris.  We joined two of my friends from school and drove into the city for a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  We got to see a performance by the Beastie Boys, who were amazing but looked so old!  And more exciting?  We saw David Cook perform two songs!  It  was amazing to be in that small studio and to have David Cook right in front of us.  And man, can that man sing!  Plus, we got Magnolia Cupcakes afterward and got to take pictures with Jimmy Fallon and David Cook.  Well worth the trip and a great distraction.  

I didn’t get all the reading done that I wanted to this weekend, but I’m planning to read a lot this week.  I’ll need to take my mind off everything else going on.  Thank goodness for reading.


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