Lately, I have been awful about writing blog posts.  It’s not that I don’t have anything to say- just the opposite, actually!  I just don’t have a lot of time.  I love my new job, but it definitely keeps me busy.  In order to make sure I don’t find myself snowed in under a huge pile of papers, I have been trying to grade as I collect, meaning I am grading, grading, grading!

Also, I am constantly planning.  I love the feeling of starting anew, but it means I have to spend more time planning my lessons.  I was so used to my old curriculum that I find myself looking for new resources whenever I sit down at the computer.

Plus, I am trying to read all the time, catching up on the YA titles I skipped over when I taught sixth grade.  I don’t have a lot of time to read (#bookaweek, not #bookaday!) but I try to squeeze it in whenever possible.

Add to that taking care of the dog, going to Rutgers’ football games, and trying to cook dinner every night- I need a vacation! :)

Cybils Nominations

Have you nominated YOUR favorite book(s) of 2010 for the Cybil Awards?  I am on the Middle Grade/Young Adult Nonfiction Panel and we have some great books so far.

But do you know what is missing?  You!  Your nomination!

Mandatory D.E.A.R. Reading

Drop everything and go read this post at Risha Mullins’s blog.

Risha Mullins is a National Board-certified English teacher from Kentucky who used YA literature in her classroom.  Her test scores proved that her methods worked and she saw her students growing as readers.  Nonreaders were suddenly recommending books to other students.  Books were being devoured in class.  And then a parent challenged her use of a book in her extracurricular book club.  From there, she was forced to endure a horrific experience that ended in her being run out of her job.  The post is heartbreaking.  But also inspiring.  It should be required reading for all English teachers.

Risha Mullins is my YA hero.

Speak Loudly.


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